Advancing Hospital Foundations

Unleashing Donor Prospects and Enhancing Community Health Initiatives through Advanced Patient Census Screening

We identify prospective donors trapped within your patient census.  More than just a directional on whose is wealthy, our model helps identify the prospect path for potential donors.  From annual giving, to grateful patient, to community health initiative prospects, we create a dynamic approach to patient census screening.  By harnessing the power of our data, your foundation can optimize fundraising efforts, strengthen donor relationships, and drive positive change in healthcare services, ultimately benefiting the communities you serve.

Brightway Data stands as a valuable partner of our fundraising team. Their prompt responsiveness to our needs, coupled with valuable data and insights, greatly aids in managing our fundraising efforts. We appreciate their ongoing commitment to improving and expanding their reporting capabilities, ultimately assisting us in finding new donors and effectively managing operational costs.

Brittany Farmer
Director Administrative Operations
The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital 

Discover Unparalleled Expertise and Security in Patient Census Data

What sets us apart? Census Match is built on a foundation of healthcare data. We possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies surrounding your patient census data. Moreover, we’ve developed an advanced platform that ensures all the data we process is encrypted and rigorously vetted to meet the highest security standards mandated by HIPAA. Trust us to successfully pass your hospital’s stringent security assessments.

Exclusive Insights for Hospital Foundations

Unlike other generic fundraising models, our data was purposefully designed for healthcare fundraising. Census Match offers fresh and unique insights that aren’t accessible to other non-profit organizations to help you gain an edge in identifying donors who have deep connections to your community. Our platform offers prospecting pathways for major gifts, community health initiatives, grateful patients, and other special causes. We can further analyze your data to indicate who is likely to engage electronically, enabling you to optimize your digital outreach strategies. 

Boutique Platform, Unmatched Service

As a boutique firm, we go above and beyond to deliver levels of service that larger companies monetizing their platforms can’t match. We prioritize personalized attention, working closely with you to unlock the precise pathways you need to identify prospects within your patient census. Your unique goals and requirements guide our tailored solutions, ensuring your success in donor prospecting.