IT + Security

About Us

Census Match builds and deploys predictive model scoring solutions. Our expertise comes not only from the model build, but also in helping our clients successfully deploy our scoring solution. Our data is segregated by each client instance and we never share, coop or sell your data with other commercial applications.

  • All data fields are encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Inbound client data is not resold or repurposed for other uses
  • Experienced with HIPAA healthcare security assessments and requirements

Batch SFTP Process

  • Secure environment with segregated data available 24/7
  • Batch scripting processes are encouraged for full automation
  • Processing is completed within 24 hours of file receipt

Flexibility in File Layouts

  • Experienced in data file conversion from patient census files
  • Flexible output file formats make uploading to CRM seamless



Integration of Optional Exclusion Screening

  • Do not solicit
  • Board members
  • Employees
  • Known litigants
  • Deceased prospects + donors

When it comes to protected health information (PHI), there are no shortcuts or debate as to what is PHI in any of your vendor databases.   Our data is always partitioned, always encrypted, and our HIPAA compliance process was built for hospital data.   Security assessments by your IT department are never a problem with us. 

Our business solution is a secure batch file transport protocol.  There is no software to load or CRM interfaces to manage.

Additionally, we do not coop or sell your data to any other organization.  This includes those donor records you provide us with to tailor-fit the model customization for your foundation.