Thoughts and Frequently Asked Questions

Our organization already does screening through our software vendor. Don’t we already have this?

While your organization may already conduct screening through a software vendor, the Census Match model offers a unique approach. While we utilize similar raw data sources, the way we analyze and interpret that data to generate predictive model scores and identify appropriate gift pathways is distinct to our solution. Our model was specifically developed by analyzing individuals who have given to hospital foundations, which sets it apart from models designed for other sectors like animal shelters or college endowments. This focus is crucial because the motivations for giving in a hospital setting differ significantly, as do the prospecting workflows. By leveraging our model, you can amplify your results beyond what traditional wealth tools can achieve.

Our patient census data is just too large and complex to justify the cost of screening those patients.

We understand the complexity of patient census data, and we can help streamline the process for you. Even with a large dataset of, for example, 10,000 patient records, we typically screen approximately 6,000 after removing duplicates and repeat encounters. From this refined pool, we identify around 1,200 strong prospects for you to pursue. By reducing the scale to a manageable size, we ensure that the cost of screening is justified, and you can focus your resources on the most promising leads.

What about those individuals who have given to us before? Can you help us refresh lapsed donors?

Absolutely. Processing existing donors through our platform yields fascinating insights. We can help you gain new perspectives and identify lapsed donors who may be open to reengaging with your organization. Additionally, we can assist in identifying donors who may have passed away, ensuring your records are up to date and respectful.

Our foundation is very small, and we don’t have the staff to manage screening and subsequent outreach.

As part of our process, we establish a routine that simplifies data screening for you. We develop a file protocol that is easy to repeat and deploy. For clients who don’t have the resources to upload and manage complex files, we provide output formats such as Excel worksheets with clearly defined tabs, presenting a concise work list of patients to contact. This way, you can efficiently manage the screening process and streamline subsequent outreach efforts, even with limited staff.

How often should we be screening our patient census?

The frequency of screening depends on your organization’s workflow. Larger health systems often run patient data screening on a monthly basis, but it is also acceptable to conduct screenings quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. The ideal frequency will depend on your specific needs and resources.

We are part of a large health system with many ministries across different states. How can we deploy locally?

For larger health systems and their foundations, there is an economy of scale. We can easily handle a large patient census database and break it down by ministry, location, or region, enabling you to deploy locally. This approach facilitates volume tracking, budget development, and resource allocation, allowing you to effectively manage each ministry’s screening and outreach efforts while maintaining centralized oversight.