Transform Your Donor Outreach Strategy           

Census Match: Revolutionizing Healthcare Philanthropy

Census Match is a cutting-edge predictive model designed exclusively for healthcare philanthropy. We harness the power of your patient census data to drive extraordinary fundraising outcomes. With our proven expertise in healthcare data management, we empower you to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and achieve unparalleled success!


Expertise in Patient Census Data Management

Drawing from extensive experience managing patient census data from leading systems like EPIC and Cerner, our team excels in a wide range of tasks, from eliminating duplicate patient entries to overseeing repeat encounters. Through our meticulous methodology, we ensure the accuracy and integrity of your data. Additionally, we offer screening services for do-not-solicit and other exclusions tailored to your specifications. Our approach not only guarantees data quality but also enables significant savings on CRM expenses by streamlining your patient records to focus on the most responsive 20%. There’s no need to promote every patient as a constituent when we can pre-screen prior to loading into your CRM.

Precision Screening: Identifying High-Potential Donors and Patient Insights

Our external data and custom predictive model provide invaluable insights into individuals with high capacity and an inclination to donate to hospital foundations. Over time, our process can even flag patients who are new to your organization or those who may not have been seen for service recently. All of this information is delivered in a user-friendly format, allowing you to quickly target the right resources for optimal outcomes.

Achieving Balance with Donor Acquisition: Expand your outreach efforts to encompass a broader range of prospects

We understand the challenges of balancing fundraising efforts between major and mid-level giving. While major gifts often receive the lion’s share of attention due to limited resources, mid-level giving presents a vital pathway to future major gifts and helps bridge funding gaps at year-end. Our predictive model provides indicators that help tailor outreach strategies specifically for identifying these prospects, establishing personal connections that resonate with their values and motivations. This inclusive approach allows your organization to engage with all types of prospects effectively.






ProMedica partnered with Brightway Data to help our foundation create order in our data and build an efficient workflow with donor prospecting. Throughout our years of work together, they always maintain a powerful focus on the factors that are most critical to our fundraising success, and in doing so, help our teams move forward.

Amanda Graven
Manager, Donor Relations & Stewardship
ProMedica Health Foundation