With the dawn of the new year less than a month away, hospital foundations are gearing up to explore innovative ways to amplify their outreach strategies. The focus on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) has become paramount for many hospital systems, driving executives to rethink their prospecting workflows.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some practical ideas about leveraging existing donor and patient census data to not only broaden the impact of your fundraising efforts, but also support SDOH initiatives.

Target New Patients Outside of Just the Capacity to Give:

One effective strategy is to zero in on new additions to your patient census and focus on those patients that are likely new to your organization. This approach provides a unique opportunity to introduce these patients to the hospital’s mission, fostering a soft introduction to the institution’s work and demonstrating how they can contribute to supporting your mission. This helps build a pipeline for future gifts.

Identify Lapsed Patients:

Similar to targeting new patients, reaching out to lapsed patients is crucial. Establish a standard for when to initiate outreach to patients who haven’t sought services over a specific period, typically within the last 12 months. This re-engagement effort aims to reconnect with patients who may have slipped through the cracks.

Seek Out Patients with Improved Scoring:

Leverage your historical predictive model scores to identify patients whose scores have improved. This presents a prime opportunity to deliver specialized messages to individuals experiencing an upswing in their financial state or heightened responsiveness, creating a more personalized and effective engagement.

Identify Existing Donors with Improved Scoring:

Applying the same principle to donors is equally vital. Target donors whose scores have improved to refine outreach strategies, particularly for those who may have lapsed or require a shift in messaging to reignite their engagement.

Consider Alternative Scoring:

Incorporate alternative scoring models for both existing donors and constituents. A fresh perspective is invaluable, helping identify new outreach opportunities for lapsed donors or for constituents who have yet to contribute. Custom models tailored to predict engagement on SDOH can provide a strategic advantage in the new year.

Clean Up Your Data:

Ensure your data is accurate and up to date by conducting regular clean-ups. Sending solicitations to outdated addresses or, worse, to individuals who have passed away reflects poorly on the organization. A polished, accurate database not only enhances your professional image but also demonstrates a commitment to precision and diligence.

As hospital foundations look towards the new year, integrating these data-driven strategies can significantly elevate outreach efforts. By targeting new patients, re-engaging lapsed patients, and leveraging improved scoring models, hospital foundations can forge stronger connections with their community, ensuring a more impactful and successful year ahead.